Hedgehogs In Your Home

One Hog

Where to Keep Them

While hedgehogs can be highly active animals and run for miles all night, they don't need an incredibly large enclosure.
A container that is 2 and a half feet by 4 feet is plenty of room for your hog.

Do They Need Toys?

Hedgehogs do enjoy toys! One toy that they absolutely need is a flat-bottomed wheel. Hedgehogs are known to run for miles on end inside their wheel.
They also enjoy empty toilet paper tubes, small plastic balls, and anything they can investigate.

What Do They Eat?

Hedgehogs need a high-protein, low fat diet when kept in captivity. There is specialty food made specifically for hedgehogs, but certain types of cat food work as well.
They are insectivores so make sure you feed them meal worms as a treat.

Bathing Your Hogs

Like most animals, hedgehogs can get dirty and will require a bath.
However, make sure that the water is luke warm and only goes up to their belly at most. Hedgehogs don't like being in water, so it is best to not stress them out with it.
Use a small toothbrush to scrub your hog too, and don't use shampoo as it can irritate their sensitive skin.