Baby Hog

Breeding Your Hog

Everyone loves baby animals! Baby hedgehogs can be some of the cutest critters ever, but before you get the hoglets, you should know how to breed the parents.

When To Start

There are time frames for when you can breed your hedgehog.
Never breed your female hedgehog before she is 5 months old, but she can also be no older than 12 months when you first breed her.
This is because it can damage her internal organs and will cause her to die.
Male hedgehogs also have to be older than 5 months in order to breed.

How To Breed the Hogs

You will want to place your female hedgehog inside your male hog's enclosure for around 7 days. Then take her out.
After you've had them together, place her in a clean enclosure. Gestation period for hedgehogs is around 30-40 days.
Never leave the male with the female if you suspect she is pregnant.
If they are left together when the hoglets are born, both the parents will eat the babies.

The Babies Are Born. Now What?

After your hoglets are born, do NOT pick them up or go near them for the first few weeks as the mother could reject the babies and eat them.
After 6 weeks, take the hoglets out of their mother's enclosure and put them in their own.
This is to ensure no fighting happens and to make sure that the male hoglets don't impregnate their siblings or mother.