Hedgehogs: Loving the Prickly Ones


What are Hedgehogs?

Hedgehogs are spiny mammals that live in various parts of the world. There are seventeen species of hedgehog and they live in Europe, Asia, and Africa.
While these animals may look like porcupines, they are more closely related to the shrew. Hedgehogs are covered in hundreds of quills which they use to protect themselves from predators and other threats.
Hedgehogs are naturally nocturnal, this means that they are awake during the night and are asleep for most of the day.
Hedgehogs are also insectivores, so their diet consists of insects, snails, small frogs, grass roots, berries, and other nutritious fruit.

Can You Keep One as a Pet?

While there are restrictions in a handful of states, you can own a hedgehog in most areas in the United States.
There are restrictions in certain states because if the hedgehog were to be "set free" in that environment, they could cause harm to the surrounding flora and fauna.
There is also only one domesticated type of hedgehog, and it is known as the African Pygmy Hedgehog. These hedgehogs are not "naturally occuring" and are made up of many different species of hedgehog!

How Long Is Their Lifespan?

On average, small species of hedgehog live about 2-4 years in the wild and 4-7 years in captivity.
However, the larger species can live 4-7 years in the wild and have even been recorded to live 16 years!

Different Colors!

According to the International Hedgehog Association, there are 92 different color varieties!